Calypso diving club (DC Calypso) was founded on November 7th, 2002 in Omiš with the purpose to educate its members, organise environmental cleaning activities, organise technically demanding deep diving, diving in rivers and lakes, to conserve and protect archeologically and naturally important sites, to educate about underwater photography and cooperate with other diving organisations. DC Calypso is a full member of the Croatian Diving Association and Croatian Association for Technical Culture in Split-Dalmatia County. 

Significant projects of the diving club Calypso:
(1) Environmental cleaning actions of the sea and river underwater – Since its establishment DC Calypso was involved in the organization and implementation of many environmental cleaning actions, many of them organized by Croatian Association for Technical Culture in Split-Dalmatia County. Regular cleaning actions are carried out in the area of the city of Omiš that are organized in collaboration with the Diving Club “Jadran” Dugi Rat, scuba-ecological club “HVIDRA» Split, the Association for Research and Conservation of Nature “Codium” (from year 2003 to 2013 total of 16 actions). 

(2) Protection of the underwater archaeological site at the locality of Stanići – čelina – In the bay Mala Luka (Balića rt) at 25 meters depth, an archeological site of the ancient sunken ship that was carrying cargo of amphorae dating from the period of 100 years AC can be found. As during the past 40 years the locality was pretty devastated, we decided to initiate its protection. DC Calypso applied to Croatian Diving Association call for proposals with the project and succeeded to mobilize a certain amount of funds (20.000 kuna). Through the project we collected required documentation, permits and equipment and did the probe sounding and measurements. Excavations carried out in the period between January 15th, 2009 and February 15th, 2010 were monitored by the technical project manager archeologist and art historian Tea Katunarić from Academy of Art – Split and the archeologist from the Ministry of Culture from Zagreb with the support of professional archeologists, volunteers, from the Netherlands Diving Foundation “Mergor in Mosam” chaired by Joost van den Besselaar. 

Final report by Mergor in Mosam

(3) Cooperation with the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development “Sun” under the project “Marine Natura 2000 sites of Split-Dalmatia County”(summer 2010) when we did mapping of the protected Natura 2000 site “Vrulja” and photo exhibition in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Omiš (Omiš, 07 October 2010). Divers, biologists – Volunteers from the Association “Sun” visited the site Vrulja (located at Dubci pass near Brela) for mapping of marine species and habitats. Vrulja owns its name from Croatian word “Vruljas” that means karst phenomenon of freshwater underwater wells that is precisely at this site one of the largest and most famous in the Adriatic. Species that live there are specific (i.e. Jewel Anemone – Corynactis viridis) for this site because of the constant upheaval of the sweet and cold water whose intensity varies with the rainy period. Water running out there is coming from a nearby mountain slope, and a large part of the border Biokovo Nature Park slope. Because of the small areas that occupy, “Vruljas” are endangered habitats, threatened by fresh water pollution, landfill, construction along the coast and dumping of trash in the karst.

In addition to the above, Calypso DC has a very good cooperation with institutions, in particular with the Faculty of Maritime Studies where he recruited a dozen of its members that have high scientific qualifications. We cooperate with the Police Department of Omiš with whom we have collaborated closely in the search and rescue operations in the river Cetina, on projects of cultural heritage protection when we performed a variety of underwater surveys. Several club members employed at the Ministry of Interior and few key members are active military personnel who work in the Navy diving units, so the cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Defense is at a high level.

Members of the DC Calypso participated in many diving expeditions organized by the Faculty of Maritime Studies to central Dalmatian islands where they worked out very demanding deep and night diving. On these expeditions Calypso section for underwater photography recorded a large number of photos one of which won the first place in the category of Flora and Fauna at the international film festival held in Rijeka on November 10th, 2005. 

Since March 2011 the President of DC Calypso is a board member of the Croatian Diving Association, the umbrella diving institution in Croatia. Secretary of the association is a marine ecologist, a member of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development “Sun” and has extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of national and international UN and EU projects. In year 2012, DC Calypso nominated 4 of its members to be part of the civil defense forces of Split Dalmatian County for rescue from the waters.